Monday, December 26, 2011

Letter to Me: New Years Resolutions

Dear Me,
Last year was kind of a bust. Nothing really happened the way that you wanted it to and you were super stressed 90% of the time. You stopped doing all kinds of things that make your life better and fell into the pit of dispair instead of holding your chin up like you tell everyone else to do. This year, please accept the following as a list of criteria to be met on our next annual review:

Finish reading The BCG Genealogical Standards Manual that is collecting dust on my desk. Its something you're really really really interested in and will enrich your life. With each awesome thing comes a little boring crap.

Yell less. Breathe more.  You stress yourself when you yell - counting to 12 does you wonders. Keep doing that, and add some deep breathing to the mix. It will relax the bunched muscles that stress causes and make you feel *gasp* better. Amazing I know, how do I come up with these pearls of wisdom??

Walk more. Remember - Silas the Awesome Super Trainer says you can - so get off your butt and do it . You used to walk daily - and still can. Walking does not entail walking alone, nor do you need daylight. Take the kids, take the dog, go alone - you'll be surprised at how much better you feel afterwards even though you're panting like a track runner the entire time. DO NOT pat yourself on the back by eating the closest Mars bar. Have a drink of water and smile. That's a pretty good reward actually.

Play the Wii. Its fun. You remember this every time you do it. It also helps give you exercise. Seriously. Play.

Write one article a week. Don't let yourself stay in your writers funk because you're out of practice. Writing more articles on some of the things you belong to can actually give you income. You have a lot to share, you just need to organize yourself and let the words get out. Writing more smaller articles will help. Pick something and GO!

Mentally ground and imprint often - you're missing a lot. When you're overwhelmed you're in your fuzzy patch. You don't remember things, situations, what people say to you and are perpetually on auto pilot. Its bad to do that, and sad too, because you're missing things. Important things, silly things, awesome things - you're missing them. Keep your thought journal again. It will help you to see what you're missing so you can better keep your focus. You can remember every detail of random points throughout your life because you made a point to remember them. Practice that. Don't miss out. You can do this, and you'll be happier for it!

Listen to your doctor - eat less fast burners. Seriously, you don't want to be fat, nor do you want to be diabetic in the near future. The headaches you get when you eat fast burners suck. Your sugar  highs make your mind unstable. You feel better when you eat what you're supposed to eat. Cravings are natural - satisfy them. However, you probably want to stick with eating one reece cup and not an entire bag of them. Take it out, put the bag away and then eat the cup. If its out of reach, you're much less likely to go back for more.

All of these things together will help you throughout the year, but more importantly, they'll help you be more confident in yourself - so that when someone says something negative, or does something that hurts you, you will be better prepared to let it roll off you. Grabbing on to the thoughts that you're a bad person and holding them to you like a long lost teddy bear are pretty bad for you. Recognize that you do that. Recognize that you want to change your life. Once you take a minute to do that, make your plan. Its great for you that I've already done this. Here is your plan for the year, all written out in black and white. Now..

Do it. 

 Much love,                                             


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