Coupon Sites Etc

This is mostly for me, in an attempt to research couponing... but enjoy if you use them!

Coupons for the Fredericton, New Brunswick area.

Grocery Coupon websites:
Flyerland - For Fredericton specifically, and the coupon section!
Coupons for Canada - Lots and lots and lots of coupons... - probably my favorite coupon site
P&G Everyday Solutions - Lots of great coupons, contests and free items.
Save A Loonie - One of my favorite coupon finder websites
GoCoupons - Coupons, contests and recipes - Coupons mailed to your house

The Coupon Policy for Local Grocery Stores:
Sobeys - Look under "Does Sobeys accept internet coupons?"

Contest websites (just in case you're feeling lucky)

Check out the amazing coupon lady in Moncton -