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We've just received a diagnosis... now what?? Check out some of the resource websites below to learn more about the diagnosis you've received and what to do next. 

Autism Speaks has a great kit called the 100 day kit, which helps you figure out what to do after your child is diagnosed, and gives you some great material on how you and your family can "digest" the diagnosis you've received for someone in your family. 
Autism Canada has some great information on the different treatments, screening questions, ongoing research and more! 
Autism Society Canada - Lots of information here for ANYONE wanting to know about Autism in Canada, Parents, Teachers... ANYONE.  
Let's Talk - Speech and Language Services, Inc - Their website has many many resources for parents and others to learn how to teach ASD Children. It is an excellent guide!

New Brunswick
(Unfortunately, this is probably going to be the most information, since this is where I live!)
Services for Preschool Children with Autism Spectrum Disorders
Includes Eligibility for Services criteria, Links to: 
Teaching students with Autism Spectrum Disorders - Inclusive programming for ASD students in New Brunswick schools

FREDKID.COM - They have a specific section just for Children with Autism. Great groups and information listed here! (I generally post places where you can connect or learn online, but has lots of phone numbers of people you can talk to in person :D )

Autism Connections Fredericton - This place is great! They have a lending library of books, audio/visual materials, TOYS AND LEARNING AIDS for kids on the spectrum!! They also have parties, play dates and special equipment where your child can come and hang out in a safe environment. If you haven't been there yet, you should check it out.

Links around the world  - resources for helping your Autistic individual - a resource website provided by occupational therapists with great ideas for different activities, schooling methods and more. - The National Autistic Society for the UK

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