Wednesday, August 27, 2014

Shocked with Shopping

Tonight was pretty monumental.

It is Maggie's birthday, and she had a pretty awesome day. We let Maggie choose a few things to do and visited my brother who showered her with cute things she'd enjoy (and really did), but the really awesome thing (for me) was later in the evening, after my brother filled the girls with pixie stix and sent us on our way.

Maggie, in her sugar high wisdom, decided that NOW was the time to get her ears pierced. She was so convinced, that she actually begged me and so, since it was her birthday, I gave in and steered the car towards the mall.

Unfortunately, they only had one person on, and require two to perform a piercing to someone "so young", so we trotted back through the mall with a slightly disappointed Maggie. Until we saw a big "SALE" sign and children mannequins. Maggie begged once again to go into the store and see what they had. And so we did.

Best. Experience. Ever.

Not only did they both gush and preen over the clothing to find the "just right" thing that they were looking for (Winnie to a muted degree, but she still did it all the same) - they both demanded to go to the dressing rooms to try on their potential purchases. In the dressing rooms, I was actually shoo-ed... Shoo-ed while they independently changed and assessed if they liked the look of something or not. Not only was I shoo-ed but there was much preening and posing behind the curtain (I peeked, and was then shoo-ed again!). They each got to pick out one thing (because really, Winnie picking out clothing and posing in front of the mirror was worth it) and while we were waiting to pay for the dresses (Yes, they BOTH got dresses), they danced to the beat in the shop, keeping themselves occupied and entertaining others.

There was no crying, no running, no screaming, no freak outs and no disappointed upsets that generally come with leaving some place. It felt so... natural. It felt amazing.

I am so very proud today. My girls are growing up, and sometimes that's okay with me.

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