Saturday, May 8, 2010

Painting Tips for Beginners

I started painting my sisters room tonight - and here's some wonderful tidbits on painting that I've learned. I'm sharing in case anyone decides to take that job on one day...

The things I've learned...

  • TV makes everything look easy.
  • Just because you saw it done on HGTV does not make you an expert.
  • No, it will not "even out" when it dries.
  • Sometimes you need more than one coat.
  • Paint spatters
  • Paint sticks to cats.
  • That funny looking fumes mask was meant for you.
  • Professional painters don't have paint all over them to look cool.
  • If you have a big butt, don't sit down until you change.
  • Small room does not necessarily equal "Small can of paint". Those big ones were meant for you...
  • When they say "use in well ventilated places" they really mean "Open windows and doors or you may pass out while using.."
  • The HGTV people don't need to work out - that fat guy in the show is the "designer" and does nothing physical.
  • If its your first time, give yourself at least two days, you will get done half of what you think you will.
  • If you don't want paint there, you'll definitely get some there.
  • If your paint brush "might" touch it, cover it up. That "I'll just paint right up to it, but not touch it" trick won't work.
  • Those outlet covers come off
  • They don't use the drop cloth for "ambiance".
  • Although the roller is faster, its not always the best tool to use...
  • If you can see the old wall through your paint, you need more.
  • If the paint is dripping, you need less.
  • Brush the same way (Up and down..)
  • "Oh, no one will see that anyways" is a lie. Someone will.
  • Your hand can go numb holding a brush
  • When they say "Stir well", they don't mean "Shake the shit out of it and hope for the best". They really mean "Stir it up with something..."
  • Don't dump the whole can into the roller brush basin at once, it will dry up before you use it all...
  • The roller brush basin was really only meant for the roller brush, and not your regular brush...
  • Be proud of what you've done! There was a first time for everyone!
I'll continue painting tomorrow and hope for the best. Now that I'm covered in paint, high from the fumes and completely exhausted, I think its time for bed!

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