Friday, May 7, 2010

Thoughtfulness is not hereditary...

Its Friday and the promise of a nice day is in the wings - Sadly its windy and colder than I was hoping, but still sunny instead of rainy, so I'll take it.

Winnie's preschool is canceled this morning because there is no school so the "big kids" will be in the daycare and there is no room for the preschoolers. So she'll be walking with my mom, my grandmother and I while we do our 30 minutes.

Today is the day that we're supposed to start work on the new fence for my yard, although I'm skeptical as to how much we'll actually get done today. Like always, I just seem to have too much to do.

Included in the "OMG THERE IS NOT ENOUGH HOURS" schedule is the fact that Mother's Day is on Sunday. Have you remembered? Did you get your mother something nice? As always I completely forgot any holiday until a few days before - I basically only remember Christmas and Halloween and that isn't even a real holiday. For the next two days I'll be racking my brain trying to remember "What did mom ever mention in passing that she'd like to have?". My mom is amazing with that stuff. I could have said "Ugh, I need..." or "Boy I'd like to have..." way back in January and the darn thing will show up at Christmas. I wish I had as much insight and thoughtfulness as my mom has in her little finger.

Here's to hoping I get at least a fraction of what I'd like to do today done!

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