Saturday, August 21, 2010

A conundrum

One of the joys of completing family trees is that you get to piece together puzzles in the family. Its hugely satisfying work to toil away on a family unit, putting information together so that you can make some sense of what happened to the family as a whole.

Currently, I have a puzzle in my family tree that I will likely need assistance on. The patriarch of our family - the farthest back I have gone in the Sinnett family of my line - has a conundrum.

Francis Sinnett - born possibly in Quebec about 1801 - has a 'wife situation'. From what I can apprise.. he had two wives. One named Hannah, born in New Brunswick in 1811 and married to Francis in 1833. No last name is provided and I'm not able to locate any information on her aside from one census when she was about 60 years old.

The other wife that I can find is Savannah Carl, born in 1801 in Ireland. She married Francis in 1822 and had a daughter, Letitia. I know this because she is listed as such on Letitia's death certificate from Massachusetts. The marriage date I obtained from someone else's family tree who is tracking this family unit. So, it may be incorrect.

My question... are they really the same person? Hannah and Savannah? Its entirely possible.. now to discover the truth!!

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