Monday, August 16, 2010

Here's to conversation..

When I pick Winnie up in the afternoons, generally she tells me what she did that day, to the best of her ability. It takes some piecing together, but we can hammer out a pretty decent conversation. Today though, takes the cake so far.

Winnie: Momma! I'm scared! 
Me: Oh? Why? What are you scared of? 
Winnie: I'm scared of boys.
Me: Boys? What happened? 
Winnie: Today a boy was screaming! 
Me: Oh no! What happened? 
Winnie: He was in time out.
Me: oh, well I can see him screaming then...
Winnie: *big sigh* What are we gonna do with boys Momma?
Me: I dunno Winnie.. *Big Grin*

(about a minute later...)

Me: So Winnie, I have a surprise for you at home.
Winnie: Oh! A surprise!!
Me: Yes, I made bread and left the flour out for you to play with
Winnie: Momma.. that's not a surprise
Me: Oh, Sorry..
Winnie: A surprise is a toy... like a pony...

And so I've been schooled.. Screamy boys are not cool and its not a surprise if its not a toy... preferably a pony... 

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