Monday, November 21, 2011

Moved from Facebook - A good start

Orignally posted in a note on Facebook - Sunday, October 25, 2009 at 8:34am
Usually, I get up before my girls do. But on the weekends, I tend to lay in bed and listen to them play in their rooms, running from room to room - the pitter patter sort of calms me before the begin of the rushing weekend.

This morning, the playing began, just like normal. Except this time a little head popped into my room, smiled and said "C'mon momma! I made animals! Lets play!".

Smiling, I got out of bed, went to Winnie's room and sat down on the bed, waiting to see what kind of "animal play" we had in mind today. She had set up a little room for the dino's and we were just walking the dinos around. "Here momma, you have the giraffe". Not a dinosaur, but good enough for me. I take the giraffe, smile and do the walking around. Lost on the names of them (again) I ask "What's this one?" - Winnie proceeds to paitiently explain each of the animals names (some she actually made up herself!).

We play like that for a while, the animals going around and around and at one point one riding the other one - "Look momma, the little foot is riding the giraffe!".

Eventually I politely ask, "Winnie, momma needs a coffee, is that ok?". She turns to me, smiles and says 'Ok, thanks for helping me play momma". Flabbergasted I say "You're welcome honey, that was fun!".

Its amazing the things we take for granted and also the things that hit us hard when we're not watching. 6 months ago Winnie wasn't able to talk to me like that, and now that she can (although there is still much work to be done), I am so grateful. Its a good start to a Sunday.

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