Monday, November 21, 2011

Moved from Facebook - Waiting for the Juice to Spill

Orignally posted in a note on Facebook -  Monday, November 23, 2009
Last week Maggie and I went out for a little girl time while Winnie was in therapy. We went to the mall, looked at toys, looked at shoes - basically - we had a ball! Maggie loves toys AND shoes. Watching her in the shoe store with the bright red glitzy size 8 womans pump on was just priceless. Her shoes were almost more flashy than her smiles - almost, because nothing can outshine them.

After all of our exhausting shopping, we decided to have a drink and a snack. We got muffins and apple juice and sat down at the table (with Maggie in her stroller). I was concered with preventing Maggie from spilling or dropping anything so I arranged everything just so - Her juice on the table within reach, her muffin in my hand so I could give her small pieces... So concered was I that I forgot about myself. I sat down, still looking at Maggie, checking to make sure I had nothing out of place. As I turned around my arm caught my drink and it went flying, spilling all over the table and the floor (and even getting a little on Maggie!).

We laughed and cleaned the whole mess up, giggling and eating and wiping. But it occurred to me how often in life we do this. How often we're always watching for someone else do to do something, watching for someone else to do wrong, or someone else to make a mistake, when we should really be doing our best to watch ourselves.

My plan is to work on changing the focus from outside to inside - do what I can to be better, to be more prepared - removing the external focus, while still holding those items in my range of vision...

Its life's little moments that just make you stop think...

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