Monday, November 21, 2011

Moved from Facebook - A thank you

Originally Posted on Facebook in a Note - Friday, July 10, 2009 at 9:47am

My Mom has announced that I've finally become a mother. I've discovered that in order to get any real work done around my house I have to get up before my kids do. Apparently that's something that the mothers in the rest of my family had already figured out. Thanks for sharing...

I can not rave enough about the changes in Winnie since she started Autism Intervention. She's like a completely different kid! Ok no, wait. Back up. She's the same kid. But she's *HAPPY*. Why? She can communicate better. Not fantastic, but better!! When she needs help, she says "Help" instead of just crying or freaking out. When she wants something she doesn't drag us in front of the fridge and point, wait for us to pick up the wrong thing, get frustrated, point some more. She says "I want drink of milk". Plain. Simple. Something that she couldn't do before. Laughing, giggling, playing, hugging and snuggling are now part of our everyday. Tantrums and behaviour issues are rare instead of the every day (or every hour) occurrence that they once were... I am so grateful to the staff at the centre, and for all of those who made possible the service.

Her support worker asked us "What would you like us to work on next?" - We were like.. uhm.. well.. you've done such a great job that you do whatever you think! We're so tickled pink we wouldn't even know where to start!

On Canada day, I took Winnie to the fair in Oromocto. We went, we got in rides (winnie got on a lot by herself too!), we had food, we went on some more rides, and we left. We did all that without any tantrums. *Once* and once only Winnie started to get worked up. She caught herself - and you could see her struggling to maintain control - and avoided a catastrophy. It was... AWESOME. Or as we all announced that day (Winnie included) - "That was Super Awesome!!".

I was never more proud. Way to go Winnie!!

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